Retread reminded me of something. I believe YOU THINK your wife would like you better if you made ___________amount of money.

Even your wife thinks she would be more sexually attracted to you if you made ____________of money.


If you were bringing in huge amounts of money and she was spending it like the selfish spender she is....


You would have to make so much money that she could not easily spend it all!

You each would have to have your lives together enough to WANT SEX!

She hates sex basically, why do you think more money would make her want it suddenly? It would not.

Deep inside I think you know this. That is why you do not try harder at work.

You know this:

1. There is no TOP LIMIT to the money you would have to make to get more sex outta her

2. If you made even one million a year, she would spend close to that.

3. She still would not want sex, because she does not naturally like sex.

4. She still would not like you ANY MORE than she does now.

5. It would change NOTHING, even if you made millions a year.

6. About all that would change is she could impress the rest of the world and seemingly feel better about herself at parties and temporarily.

7. You could literally work yourself to the bone and nothing in your marriage would change.

You know all this deep inside yourself and you are not willing to work that hard only to find your marriage and sex life does not improve.