I understand how valuable it is to have a �home� to think about when you�re deployed. It�s something that under normal circumstances a person draws comfort in when away and in a terribly stressful place. I use to fall asleep by pretending I was at home with my wife and she was sleeping behind me.

I understand the psychology at play.

But I also think that military life puts some artificial circumstances into relationships which often keeps bad ones alive or prematurely ends good ones.

I originally dumped my would be WW when we were dating, but I was then re-assigned and got lonely. Had a I stayed where I was I would have simply continued what was a very healthy and normal life as a single man. Instead I reconnected with someone I had originally decided was wrong for me and we ended up getting married. Why? Because I was going to get assigned elsewhere again and we had to make a decision of either ending things or having her come as my wife.

She was completely wrong for me. But circumstances dealing with my career kept a bad relationship alive. My own choice, I know, but the dynamics at play nudged me in the wrong direction.

Hindsight is 20/20, but you�re still very young with LOTS of good years ahead of you to meet someone worthy of you.