You have too much income to not be able to get out of debt in a hurry. I guarantee you it could be done in a year or something close to it. Things would be different if you were out of work, or unable to work. I've been there, hobbling around the house from one piece of furniture to the next, from an income like yours to zero, and not even knowing when I could start talking to anyone about working again. A lot of people have been there.

You need to think outside the box. I know lawyers who graduated at the top of the best schools and don't practice in NY, LA, or Chicago. They live in nice, smaller cities, in houses that cost 1/4 what the cost in those places, and make as much money as they could make there, because they have national clients who come to them. They live in the first house they bought when they were just married a few years, paid for, fixed up, added onto. They fly to NY on business, take the wife, see a play, and fly home with the money.