Exactly. Maybe the best thing I can do is to get divorced and find someone who can lift me out of my despondency. I have always felt that way was cheating the game of life. That is was like hoping for someone to "wave a magic wand and make it all better". Which is what I thought I was doing by marrying Mrs. Hold.

In the past I have suggested undergoing ECT. Because I feel I need to reboot my brain. Many here have warned against doing it. Some have based their objection on potential side effects. But many have said "it is a fools errand, you are looking for a magic wand, you have to do the hard work within yourself."

This article does offer hope. But not of the "put in the work and earn your salvation" variety. For the author, meeting that woman WAS like waving a magic wand. She lifted him out of despondency in a way he could not have done himself through sheer force of will.

The article clearly resonated with me. But I am not sure it offers a MB-approved solution.

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