Someone with more authority will have to speak to what is the MB Approved Solution. Dr. Harley does have an article on, "When to Call It Quits".

There is no guarantee you will find the woman with a magic wand. Few people do. I just say again, if you are even considering divorce later, at what you think will be a more opportune time, or if you think it is an unavoidable tragedy which you don't want, you owe it to yourself and your wife to start some frank and honest discussions about it now.

I think you make a lot of assumptions about why your wife married you, and why she did and didn't, and why she does and doesn't do this and that. She is probably making the same mind-reading, disrespectful judgements about your thoughts and motives. What do you have to lose by laying it on the table in small enough doses that you can both take the medicine? You can start by the same sort of three-sentence summaries you post here every day, then be stop for night and listen to her, let it sink in, don't dwell on it or drag it out by trying to air it all in one sitting. You can easily do that.