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Then why doesn't she have sex with her husband to keep him around?

Because he is staying whether she provides sex or not.

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After all, both of you say they are insignificant amounts anyway.

No, EACH of us says the other person's issue is insignficant. We both say our own issue is paramount.

Well, actually, I agree her issue is a biggie, I am just not willing to do anything to address it. She thinks mine is trivial, so she doesn't feel any need to address it.

The key question is "hey Hold, is there ANYTHING you are willing to do to improve the situation?" No. Which is why I expect the current situation to continue. Maybe some day I will feel differently. But given that I stopped trying 5 years ago, absent catastrophe I don't see any reason to believe I will change any time soon. I am very comfortable in my misery, and I intend to stay here. (Hold puts thumbs in ears and wiggles fingers while sticking his tongue out)

Anyone still think Mrs. Hold is wrong to call me immature? Nooo

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