Wait! You make good money. Sell your house, downsize, pay off bills.

Did you ever read my post about the friend who made way more than you make, lost his CEO job, went to work as a cook, bought the restaurant, moved back up to $100,000, $50,000 + commission = $150,000, $125,000, now $300,000?

I have clients who lost $70,000,000 businesses in this downturn, went from making $2,000,000 a year to selling their Mercedes 500 for a used Accord, and still happy. Starting over at age 70, already making six figures in real estate in this economy.

Go to Texas. Find me a millionaire over 50 who isn't on his second time around.

When I see someone limping around with a cramp, I think of Bo Jackson, playing with a hip replacement, or Lance Armstrong. Get back on your bike, Hold.