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Wait! You make good money. Sell your house, downsize, pay off bills.

BTDT. Don't have any equity in this house. Used the equity in the last house to pay off Mrs. Hold's earlier excess. Already live in the least expensive house in my town. No way to trade down from where I am without leaving the school district. Not doing that to my kids while they are in high school. Not much chance I will be happier. Guaranteed they will be less happy.

Attic fan in our house died. I will be going to Home Depot to buy a replacement tonight. Tomorrow I will be climbing a ladder to the roof to replace the dead fan. S15 will be helping me, so that rules out jumping off. Wish us luck finding the correct circuit breaker to turn off before we start cutting wires!

When I see someone limping around with a cramp, I think of Bo Jackson, playing with a hip replacement, or Lance Armstrong. Get back on your bike, Hold.

No thanks. I'll just sit her moping.

When you can see it coming, duck!