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I know money is a big ego issue with me. Not denying it.

My son turns 16 in the fall. Not only can't I afford to get him a car, I can't afford to add him to our insurance so he can drive our cars. I can't afford to send my kids to camp, where many of their peers go. I won't be able to pay the tuition for my kids to go to college (as both mine and Mrs. Hold's parents paid for ours).

I think its a huge mistake to buy cars for boys. I gave my son a Ford Explorer when he turned 16 and he destroyed it by driving it through sand dunes and ditches. I just ended up paying mechanics for stupid things like "sand in the brakes" and a broken axle. When he snuck out when he was 17 and got picked up for drinking, that was the end of that. I took his car away and nailed his bedroom window shut.

Fast forward to age 21 and he asked me if I would co-sign a car loan for him, which I did. He is now 28 and has paid off 3 car loans [same bank] and has perfect credit. If I had let him keep that Ford Explorer, he would have never been motivated to learn to pay for his own car.

Your son can get a part time job and save up for his car if he really wants one. And he can also pay for the car insurance. That will be good for him, hold.

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