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Thanks ladies, but you have this backward. I see myself as a failure because I am not as successful as my father despite being provided financial and educational advantages as a child / young adult. I have squandered the opportunity to move beyond where my father was - I will never even get to where he got. And it is not like he founded Microsoft so it isn't even worth trying. It was quite reasonable 20 or 30 years ago to think that I would be even more successful than he was, and I have failed to realize my potential. Combined with being far less financially successful than most of my law school classmates, and no one is going to be able to convince me that I have had a successful career.

Well, I guess you will have to define success for me. I agree you aren't sucessful, but it has little to do with the 'measley' $200K you make a year. It has to do with YOUR expectations and the way YOU allow others to define you and your happiness by your paycheck.

And whose rule is that that a son must make more money than his father did. That is a ridiculous notion. Good grief.

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Smiling, what is "clear on paper" is that I have NOT accomplished what I set out to do. That I have not accomplished what could have reasonably been expected 25 years ago. She agrees that no psychiatrist could say I have done a good job of taking advantage of my talents and education. She wants the psychiatrist to help me deal more productively with my failure.

Ok, so I had it backwards....and guess what? It is just as pathetic this way as the other way. You didn't address my suggestion that you two go spend a week working in a homeless shelter. I have an even better idea....sell everything you own, quit your job, move to a small town Anywhere USA and open a small practice. Have Mrs. Hold work in your office. Learn to appreciate the small things and stop this whining nonsense about how much of a failure you are.

(Green Acres keeps playing in my head for some reason)

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No one is ever going to convince me that I am not a failure at work. The key, as Mrs. Hold said, is where do I go from here?

Green Acres is the place to be
Faaaarm Living is the life for ME!