One more time.

Everyone in the USA has to look at concepts of success and failure differently now. I live in Detroit. Yup.
Highest job loss per capital in the NATION.

I personally know dozens of people who are in forclosure, lost jobs, hell, lost industry. Everyone's house is worth about 1/2 of what it was 5 years ago. (If you are lucky)

And no, HOTI, I will not ask you to be thankful that you have a job..
or go to Mott's Children's Hospital and see the cancer riddled children who's parents have recently lost health insurance....

Think about your own situation. And what you define as a "successful life".

Everyone is thinking about retirement options in a different lite, now. Everyone I know. Guess what? they are not jumping off bridges here.

You have to redefine your #1. Old expectations with #2. New reality. Here (in Det.) it is NOT their fault. Maybe yours is your own fault. Who knows? Who cares? The path forward does not care about past blame, it is just a path to travel.

That does not change the fact that the change has to occur within your thinking. Yes, see the psychiatrist. This issue runs deep and dark through your mind.

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