HOLD, even if you percieve yourself (wrongly) as being a failure, ACT as if you are successful.

Even if you FEEL you are a failure, REALIZE and ACT like you are a success.

ACT successful and as if you feel you have success in front of other people and your wife.

Perhaps you MUST feel that you are a failure since SUCCESS is a fearful thing for you.

There is a book, "The Fear of Success".

If you were successful, you would have to do__________. You would have to be _____________. You would have to have this kind of wife_______________. You would have to live__________.

There could be fearful things attached to SUCCESS in your mind so instead, you not only REFUSE to feel any measure of the dreaded, SUCCESS....but you even go so far as to Try and CAUSE yourself to act like a failure and gently sabatage yourself (not enough to lose your job however) at work so you dont make too much money.

You must have a true, deep, and strong fear of SUCCESS!!!

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