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and HOLD probably wasn't entirely open and honest about his glass half empty approach to life and his struggles with his self worth and so forth and so on that have probably contributed to his struggles with job performance.

Not true. I was quite explicit about this. I had been in individual and group counselling for several years immediately preceding and while I was dating Mrs. Hold. I told her all about my struggles. She simply did not believe me. She thought I was being modest. She simply could not imagine a person as academically gifted as me not being a success at work. Now she knows better.

She definitely could not imagine that her refusing to have sex with me would make the situation worse. Sex, after all, is no big deal. It can't be a big deal. Because if it were a big deal, then being raped would be a big deal. And we all know that the rapes did not affect her at all. Since the rapes were much ado about nothing, then sex must be much ado about nothing. And much ado about nothing can't impact one's work performance or career success, can it?

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