HOLD, your life is full of "Mirages"...

MIRAGE #1. You work hard and save up a lot of money in a retirement account. You trust your wife to manage the money, since she has an accounting background. You picture nice financial goals, a comfortable lifestyle, college money for both your kids, and early retirement. You are working hard, saving, and doing everything right.

But, alas, it is a MIRAGE!

(Your wife; is allowed to; and simply blows your entire retirement account on junk and spends all the credit cards up to thier limits in one year. There goes your comfortable lifestyle and your possibility of retirement and the kids college fund and you are forced to move to a cheaper house and a town you do not like )

MIRAGE #2. You want great marital sex and lots of it. You feel your wife would want more sex if she was healed from being raped when in college. So you pay for and work for 12 years getting marriage counseling and counseling for your wife's rapes in order to try and get a better sex life. You picture your wife desiring frequent, good sex with you. Your picture is of a sexually normal, sexually willing, wife. You are happily moving toward that goal with the investment in all the counseling.

But, alas...IT IS A MIRAGE!

(She changes nothing from the years of counseling and the truth comes out years later that she is just not into you! Counseling would not, and could not help! She not only does not want sex with you, she comes out and says she is not into you and lied all through the expensive counseling you paid for!)

MIRAGE #3. You think maybe your wife would be more attracted to you if you made twice or three times your current salary! Even perhaps the wife herself thinks this or makes it appear to you she is thinking this. You can keep this financial goal in mind. As the reason she does not want willing, happy sex with you now.

But, alas, it too, will prove to be a MIRAGE.

(Your wife does not like sex nor would she want sex even if you made three times your present salary! She is damaged. And refuses to heal or change. Also she is supremely selfish and you cannot have anything you want with such a selfish woman.)

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