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[quote=Jackblack]"Changing one's behavior eventually changes one's feelings."

This statement is wrong and most definitely wrong for you.

Pray tell, what is wrong with this statement? I disagree with your generalization. Feelings oftentimes follow intentional actions, I think that is what HOLD was referring to. When people are depressed, they don't wait for the negative feelings associated with depression to subside, they have to take deliberative actions despite their current feelings in order to eliminate the depression (exercise, eating right, medications, counseling, etc.), as one example.

Whats wrong with the statement is. Feelings will come and go, but more to the point Whatever Hold does the mental set from where he derives happiness will remain, therefore nothing will change.

Your real problem Hold, is that you are a glass half empty sort of guy. I understand that you like being this way but unfortunately it is death to all women. They absolutely do not want to hear it. It makes them uncomfortable and insecure. They do not want to be attached to failure.

This is a generalization that I disagree with. I know plenty of glass half empty women. Attorneys are born skeptics. They are highly paid to be glass half empty skeptics. Industry analysis of the legal profession has consistently shown this to be the case (just ask HOLD - he'll tell you the same thing I bet). There are plenty of women married to attorneys that are plenty happy despite the glass half empty skeptical personality.

Don't get me wrong, I hear what you are saying, that some women want their knight in shining armor, to be swept off their feet, but not all women want this.

You are right that women can get away with this glass half empty attitude. It is very often viewed by men as �damsel in distress� men love to be the saviour. Unfortunately the reverse does not apply for men.
All women want �Man in shining armour,�
Women are hardwired this way no matter what they do or say. Even if it is just an illusion.

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