It is amazing how well Mrs. Hold and I get along now that I have given up on having sex. Wish I had been as fatalistic as this years ago.

You guys have it all wrong. My sad sack attitude is not the problem. It is the only thing making this bearable. My sad sack attitude allows me to give up. Stop trying. By giving up on having a satisfying sex life, I have created compatibility with Mrs. Hold.

Back when I had hope and I was still trying, I couldn't stand being with her. I gave up on date nights because they were torture. Mrs. Hold and I went out last Thursday and had a great time. I think she would have been amendable to sex if I had initiated. But I was not in the mood.

This being a glass half full pessimistic guy is the best.

Oh, Soolee, thank you. That was alot of effort on my behalf. I appreciate it. I ordered 3 books. Next week is vacation so I should have some reading time.

When you can see it coming, duck!