You don't have to get her "things" appraised.

You just have to pack them up and send them to her in whatever state they are currently in.

If her wedding dress is covered in green slime (how appropriate), then stick it in a plastic bag and then into a box with whatever pictures, diplomas and whatnot that she wants.

I wouldn't rent a storage space. I wouldn't move it to another location.

I would just ship it. UPS ground for her stuff might cost you a $100 for 2 or 3 large boxes.

If she has a beef with the insurance company, SHE can make the claim. You file for yours, you let her handle hers.

She is in A #2 or 3 since her exposure to the Army, and may have reestablished contact with the original OM. So, therefore all the anger.

As AM said, I beleive, you gave her the chance to restore her integrity. And she refused. It is going to be a long, cold life for her.

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