And your decision to D, CH, was just that: yours. Gerka's decision to fight was just that: his.

Sure, you may have saved yourself some emotional turmoil. And you are at peace with your decision. Gerka expressed numerous times how he needed and wanted to fight for his M. Hence, the MB plans. Many posters actually agreed with the idea of divorce, but respected Gerka's desire to try to salvage things. I believe your continued advocacy for D - on Marriage Builders, because you can't avoid that's what this is all about - in the face of Gerka's efforts to save things, is what got you deleted.

Interesting that your "deep and abiding respect for MB principles and concepts" does not seem to carry over to Dr. H's advice in combating adultery and saving a marriage from infidelity.

Frankly, I don't care all that much about the details of what you or anyone else said. It's counterproductive, however, and, as you said, all water under the bridge - so why bring it up?

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