I am a parent to two adults. DD is 37 and DS is 22. They both live far from me (one in FL and the other in Germany) and tend to go on radio silence when there is trouble in their lives. I know if I don't hear from them they are struggling with something in their lives. I would like nothing better in those rough times to reach out, give them a big hug and listen to them. Don't be embarassed to see your parents. They are hurting for you and I know since you are close that they would love to see you. Take the leave, get away from the Army and your WW for a couple of weeks, decompress and have some fun.


BW - 70
WH - 65
M - 35 years
D-day - 17 Apr 08
H broke contact 11/1/09
Back in love after the worst thing that every happened to us.