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If you are aware that you are a sucker for manipulation, why do you have a facebook page? Is it something that is necessary?


At this point, it is kind of necessary, because both of our sons communicate almost exclusively by Facebook, and we can keep up with their lives, as they have moved away but are very active in music in two different cities, including NYC. One of them is a poor communicator, so we can keep up with his life through Facebook. Though sharing a single account would accomplish that, we have been involved in some organizations that lead us to have separate circles of "friends" that communicate things, and neither of us wants to have many messages per day coming into our smartphones that have nothing to do with us. The notifications, alone, are disruptive.

There might be some better way, but as long as I have eBlaster installed, there is no chance that I could be pulled off into some bad direction that would threaten our recovery and marriage.

FWH, age 63. 24 years of narcissistic behavior, infidelity, and emotional abandonment of my BS, age 57, DancesWithGoats (DWG). D-day two years ago, leading to emotional breakdown. Been working MB program and toward spiritual transformation and personal growth since then, with some slow but real progress. DWG still with no trust, but with grief starting to subside a bit.