I couldn't agree more with the others about your parents. Reach out to them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and know that it's okay to show them your emotions. They won't think you're weak.
Heck, I don't know WHAT I would have done without my parents. I had to put that fake, bogus, macho "male ego" aside, and just open up to them. They understood and loved and listened more than I ever thought possible. They were always there for me during the divorce and the divorce fallout.
For your sake, don't let your (unnecessary) shame put a wall between you and the biggest source of emotional support you can have. You did NOT fail at anything. Not one person in this world would think that of you. That is all coming from inside your own head. YOU DID NOT FAIL. In fact, you stood strong when others would have (justifiably) kicked her to the curb. You got a "free pass" to have a second chance at life, a happier, more fulfilling life than the one you got trapped in because of her actions.

Honestly, go see your parents. Trust us on this.

Best wishes.

Formerly ConfuzedHusband
WW (Now XW)
Married 4 years, No children.
EA/PA from 2/2008 to 5/2008.
DDay: 5/17/2008 - Separated 6/1/2008 - Filed 8/3/2008
Divorce final 3/2009.

Now in a committed relationship with a woman of character who loves me so much better and deeper than I ever dreamed possible. I had no idea what I was missing out on and am so grateful God gave me a free "second chance" at love and life.