My wife and I have been married for 5 years now and going on 6 in Feb. We have 2 kids together, 10 months and five years. On July 26th she deployed for the first time to Iraq for 6 months. We were talking regularly through email, then one week i didnt really hear from her, I sent her an email and she told me that she has been doing alot of thinking and she is done with the relationship and is not in love with me. Im not in the military and im here with the two kids, I was confused and upset when she told me because we were doing really good since our son was born months ago. She sent me an email with all the stuff i did wrong, arguing, we are roomates, bickering, etc. I understand I have my faults and I have alot to improve on, I already am going to counseling for my issues, i really want this to work, I dont want to lose her, i know she says she doent love me anymore but is there anything i can do? i dont want to harrase her and i want to give her her space, but she doesnt come back until the end of january 2011, what should I do?