What you could do? Exercise is GREAT. Also, I used to listen to really LOUD music. I would sit in the car, blare the music and sing(or scream depending on what I was listening to) until my voice was gone. You could dance around too. That would be a workout in itself(but not while you are driving). Post here and get a boost when you are down. Read through other people's threads, especially those on the recovery forums and ones of people who have recovered their own marriages. You may find some useful posts that you can relate to.

The reasons why I am attempting to save my marriage(dealing with a current Affair) are of course my children and the love I have for my Dear Husband(the one the wayward one replaced). I truly believe that IF my WH were to get on board with MB, we COULD get through this and realize a BETTER marriage.

I am glad that you are taking the online course, I have heard only great things about it. Understand that this will also take TIME. I don't know where you are in your recovery, but it has been thrown out MANY MANY times that about 6 months in, BS get to a very angry stage. Could this be what is going on with you?

ETA, I FORGOT THEE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Laugh. LAUGH LAUGH. Watch funny movies. Read funny things on the internet. Have you heard about Sleep Talking Man? Here is a link. http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/

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