EE, I have to say I can see your point about some things. If I had never apologized/repented for my A.....I'd be divorced. DH NEVER would have stuck around for me to just "be comfortable with him." And when you think about the principle of not forgiving unless someone asks, and then the idea that the WS never has to apologize.....then you have someone whose never said they are sorry trying to rebuild a marriage with someone who never has to forgive them. Sounds kinda stupid to me.

So yeah, I don't know many real people who would cow for the rest of their lives to an unapologetic WS. And until a spouse apologizes/repents/begins the making amends process, I personally still consider them wayward.

That being said, if I were a single woman, I would run like the wind from someone who went on and on about wayward women and having no mercy. Not because I would plan on being wayward, but because the anger/hardness/cynicism would make me wonder how freely he could love me.