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I discovered my gf's EA against me and multiple EA's and PA's against her ex-H a little over 2 weeks ago.

Well you have been given a gift my friend. Should you try and build a relationship with this women then don't come back crying about an affair she had because she will have them.

It is in her makeup. It is what she does it is what she knows. I am sure she has cheated in every relationship she has had.

Those of us who have had a spouse that did that to us would have loved to know it ahead of time. Before all of the kids and all of the wasted years. You have been given a gift and you should take it.

She has done a lot since then - confessing to me, talking to her family and friends, contacting one of the OMW's etc. I believe she is also in the process of modifying her work role so that she does not have to take overnight trips.

But I find myself obsessed with thoughts that she is still cheating, or that she will cheat again and just do a better job of covering her tracks. I have no evidence to believe this - it is just a worry, and it won't go away, no matter how much I try to ignore it and focus on the good we have together.

When does this horrible feeling end? How do I move past this?


Well you do have evidence that she will cheat again because that is what she does. It does not make you a bad person it makes her a bad person. Some women need the thrill or need the attention of other men to validate their attractiveness. It happens and there is something broke inside of them.

What you choose to do now will decide how much drama you are going to have in your life. Good luck.