I want what I was told I would have.

I have shouts out to 'pressureizers' who have told me that they will talk with him, today.

I'll set up for plan B. Right now, I'm depending on him getting the little kids off to school, but if I can work with my 13yo to walk them to the bus, I can get them ready and get to my school on time, otherwise I can still drop my first period class without penalty, but that decision must be made by the 8th.

Conversely, if he files for D, I'm granting custody and will move out on my own. I'm pretty confident that the prospect of him being responsible for the kids 80% of the time will be a big deterrent to that. He said last night that he would get the kids on Sunday. I said, oh no, you'll get them everyday, then try to do your parties and out of town trips, have fun!

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)