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c'mon - your own children mean so little to you that you'd be willing to give up custody of them just to punish your husband?


they must feel really cherished.

hmmm, that's unfair

btw, you're indirectly implying that her husband doesn't "cherish" his children because he is the one threatening D and is comfortable seeing his offspring on Sundays

CWMI just wanted his honesty about his job. She wants her husband to have marriage-family friendly employment. He misled her to believe that's what his new employer is.

She's the one looking out for her family. He'd rather be dishonest.
When she M her husband and had children with him, I'm sure she assumed he would make their M and family higher priority. He doesn't.

He'd rather be single than M. Fine for him. That doesn't mean that he quits being a father. He can be a single father and take responsibility for his actions of dissolving his M.
Letting him have custody of the kids isn't a lack of cherishing.

I know that sounds harsh, but I'm frustrated that moms are expected to go for full custody and that they are viewed as less loving if they don't. That assumption really hinders women economically and more important, emotionally. A mom isn't necessarily less loving because she doesn't have full custody.

If I were to D my H, you'd bet he'd get custody. I love my kids very much, but love doesn't pay the bills or catch up my retirement savings. The parent who is the primary caregiver usually faces economic disadvantages by doing so. Kids take time and that translates into decreased earning potential whether it's dad or mom who cares for the kids.

If CWMI's H chooses D, he won't be working his job for long. Unless he makes real good $$$, it won't be cost effective to pay someone to cook, clean and babysit his children for days on end. kwim?

He maybe unhappy in his M, but gosh, he seems disconnected as what it takes as a single dad. He should be willing to work on his M, not be willing to throw his family away.

So well said.