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She just packed and left. She basically blames me for ruining her life and our M. She left noting that she wants to kill herself but was likely too much of a coward. A friend apparently reminded her in a text today to remember her promise to God of "'til death do us part"...she said maybe she'd be able to honor that if she committed suicide.

I'm in such tears.

She also told me that I don't understand her family very well in that when they don't like a situation, they leave and never come back. I know she's so independent.

I need to go get another phone, because I'm dying without my vocal support network.

CR, you need to buck up here, friend, and get control of your emotions. What has happened here is a good thing, despite your wife's drama queen act. She is furious for good reason: you wrecked her affair.

The angrier a WS, the more damage you caused to the affair. She is the crackhead who is angry because you took her crack away. If she would only stay with you on the condition that she could have her affair, then your marriage was over anyway.

Waywards always go crazy when their affairs are ruined. She is trying to scare you into submission, so don't react and stop fretting. This will blow over, but if you react with FEAR, she will know she can manipulate you into submission.


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