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She just packed and left. She basically blames me for ruining her life and our M. She left noting that she wants to kill herself but was likely too much of a coward. A friend apparently reminded her in a text today to remember her promise to God of "'til death do us part"...she said maybe she'd be able to honor that if she committed suicide.

I'm in such tears.

She also told me that I don't understand her family very well in that when they don't like a situation, they leave and never come back. I know she's so independent.

I need to go get another phone, because I'm dying without my vocal support network.

Good job you just took an important step in your life. I think you are forgetting what has been going on.

Your wife is sleeping with another man. You did not have a marriage anymore. Until you take action your WW would just keep abusing you. Don't let her do that.

As a man there is nothing worse than having a wife sleeping around. You can do better. Maybe go get some counseling and try and find out why you would put up with that.

The exposure will end the secrecy. If I were you I would tell her that you thought she wanted people to know about her new boyfriend. Why else would she have a new boyfriend?

What did you have before you exposed this? You had nothing and you were on your way to being replaced. It may still happen but if it does you will know you did everything to save your marriage.

The men who fail are the men who don't take action. The men who don't take action out of fear lose their wives. I lost mine but not because she chose the OM. I dumped her because she slept with another man. When I took action my WW changed her tune in a hurry when I exposed and then booted her out.

Don't sit back keep moving forward with or without her.