That's not encouraging. frown

But I did talk to him a few minutes ago and he is leaving at five sharp, so that's a bit of relief. He would have been at work until then anyway if they hadn't sent him to this function. He's done a few of these here, where he will go during regular hours to an outside event as a rep for the company, but those are mid-week closed functions, like they hosted an invitation-only driving event at a small local airport--a place where prospective buyers could open up the car. I don't have an issue with that stuff, and I was invited to come hang out with him at the airport if I wanted to--I didn't, I had school.

I would have loved to gone where he is today, though. The whole "You are not welcome here and if you showed up I would not speak to you anyway" really hurts. Deep.

But I do give him props for nailing down an end-time for today. That helps. He *said* he would talk to his boss on Monday and tell him that he won't do any more of these where he has to tell his wife that she is unwelcome, and travel is a no.

They hold these training things and rather than like the last place where everyone was required to go, this place sends one representative who then 'shares' the information with the rest of the staff. My H said that his boss told him back at the interview that either boss man or or one of the other guys (a certain specific one) goes. It appears that he now wants to make my H the 'certain specific one' who goes, and that's not the deal H and I have. So, it will be easy enough to select one of the others to go, to either the training or the local events, perhaps one of the guys who is married to someone who doesn't have a problem with it!

I know he wants my support for his work. I want to give it to him, he is fantastic at his job. He's only been there for four months, and he's top dog already. It makes it impossible to support him when he HURTS me with it, though. I don't think he understands that concept. I've tried explaining it a hundred ways, he does not think it is valid. He easily accepts that the family should serve the job, which is just so wrong.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)