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A keylogger will be one of your best friends. She's going to be in contact with him via FB or email and you may as well see what's being said. That plus a VAR on your person (for your protection against bogus DV claims) and a VAR in her car to catch what is being said to OM or other affair supporters would be golden.

Forgot to ask, how long have you been married? Have either of you been married before? Do you have children together? How old are both of you?

Follow the previous advice about protecting your finances.

You're doing fine.
Bogus DV claims would be extremely contrary to her personality and probably laughed at considering my temperament and character. I really don't think there are any affair supporters that I can think of.

I probably should update my signature to include these facts. We've been married a little over 2 years. Neither of us has been married before. No children. I'm 28. She'll be 28 in a couple of weeks.

Let me see what the next few days entail before making financial decisions. I'm comfortable with having money stored where in a variety of places. Also I think I mentioned it before, but when she left, she vehemently "surrendered" her debit and credit card and took no cash "so that no one could ever say that she stole" from me.

Me: BS 28
Her: WS 27
Married: 2 years
D-Day 1: late Jul 10
D-Day 2: 8/12/10
D-Day 3: 9/30/10
Stage: Exposure Aftermath