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My mom definitely wants to meet with her, though my dad feels that my mom is quite unhappy with WW (understandably). I'm not entirely sure how helpful that would be. WW "loves" my family but has a lot more respect for her own family than mine.

Are you trying to protect your wife from any "unhappiness??" Please stop that!! Of course your mother is unhappy with her and your WW needs to hear that! Your WW needs to face your mother and ANSWER for her actions. That will be therapeutic for your wife.

CR, I get the feeling that you want to protect your wife from anything outside of blowing smoke up her behind. I hope I am wrong about this, but your wife needs to hear the disgust and anger of her family and friends. Any person that truly CARES about your wife is going to open up a can of whoopass on her.

If your mother cares about her, she will give her holy hell and you should not stand in her way!

I think that I might wait until tomorrow on telling her about the revelation since it's so late. It also could backfire a little (and hence look weak) if I suggest it as a juicy secret and she already knows or can explain it away somehow, so I think I need to word it carefully.

I agree, but make sure she knows. Say something like "I got a call from JoeScumbag's sister; did you know about his girlfriend??" <----------be sure and get that in!!

Unfortunately, the OM has privacy settings that don't allow me to find him on my account. I'm not sure if he's blocked me or what after my family-finding stunt. I'd use WW's account like last night, but she changed the password this morning.

Can you set up another fb account under another name?

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