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Are you trying to protect your wife from any "unhappiness??" Please stop that!! Of course your mother is unhappy with her and your WW needs to hear that! Your WW needs to face your mother and ANSWER for her actions. That will be therapeutic for your wife.

CR, I get the feeling that you want to protect your wife from anything outside of blowing smoke up her [censored]. I hope I am wrong about this, but your wife needs to hear the disgust and anger of her family and friends. Any person that truly CARES about your wife is going to open up a can of whoopass on her.

If your mother cares about her, she will give her holy hell and you should not stand in her way!

I agree, but make sure she knows. Say something like "I got a call from JoeScumbag's sister; did you know about his girlfriend??" <----------be sure and get that in!!

Can you set up another fb account under another name?
There's definitely a balancing act involved. I want her to feel convicted about what she's done (she does somewhat). It's getting her to the point where she'll actually take positive and lasting action from the conviction.

I texted her about the girlfriend just now. We'll see if that gets any response.

We've been communicating a bit briefly. She informed me that she came by while I was out of the house today while I was dropping off my dad at the airport and picking up my mom. It appears she's telling the truth when she said she just took her clothes, meds, and shoes. My mom texted WW and said she'd like to see her while she's in town until Thursday. WW replied that she likely won't be home again and that maybe my mom can help me make it a better home. *sigh*

I'm not sure that another FB account would solve it.

She's been talking to a few mutual friends that have been acting somewhat as supportive (to our M) mediators. I viewed that as encouraging and hoped that it was a sign of the affair having ended.

Unfortunately, I started checking the phone records. They talked last night for a couple of hours. They also texted about 15 times yesterday and 20 times today. I went ahead and blocked her from receiving his phone calls and texts. Part of me felt bad about violating her freedom of speech in a sense, but if the idea is to wreck the affair and cause chaos, I think that step probably needs to be taken. The next question...do I spend the money on parental controls to stop her from calling/texting him? (I feel like they could pretty easily subvert it.)

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