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[She informed me that she came by while I was out of the house today while I was dropping off my dad at the airport and picking up my mom.

CR, would your mother be willing to call the parents of the OM and ask them to use their persuasion to influence their son to leave your W alone?

I know that if someone called me and told me such a thing about my 28 year boy that there would be hell to pay. I would do everything in my power to stop my son from behaving in such a trashy way.

I would be interested in hearing your mother's opinion about continuing this marriage. Here you are married just 2 short years and you are already dealing with an affair. I would strongly reconsider having children with a woman who has such loose boundaries. You might be damning yourself and some future children to a life of hell with such a thoughtless, selfish woman.

Can your mother come post and give us her thoughts?

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