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The only opinions that are dangerous are the nitwits who say stupid things like "just do what makes you happy! squeek!"

I'm not sure that another FB account would solve it.

I suggested you start another FB account so you can get the names of his friends and hopefully find out the name of his girlfriend so you can email her and tell her about the affair. i think if you PM more of his facebook friends you could at least get to her.

What about his parents? Did you get to them?

See, OM are pansies who usually run at the first sign of trouble. He thinks he has won right now, but if you cause more trouble for him, he will likely run.

What about her father? Have you been in contact with him? The best thing would be for him to call her and try to persuade her to end her affair. I would call and update him about the situation and ask if he will contact HER and contact the OM.
Fortunately we don't have anyone saying that to her (do what makes you happy).

I'm not sure that he listed his girlfriend in his profile. I think he had a decent bit of information private unless you were friends with him. I can't find him on a search. I suppose I could try to get a friend to look him up and see if he's just blocked me.

The relative that I spoke to...I think it might've been his mom. One of the OM last names that I messaged looked to be a middle-aged/older woman. She only identified herself on the phone as, "I was asked to call this number." Based on the sample letter #2, that would imply a parent.

I've been in steady contact with her dad, yes. He's been trying to reach the WW, but she hasn't answered any calls from family. GMIL apparently talked to WW's uncle who she's close too though...he's not happy to put it mildly.

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