This is CRMom and I have told my son to not worry about anything that he has done so far. He has definitely been handling this from a Biblical basis, not just marriage builders, and I am very proud of his behavior. I know he is hurting deeply and yet he is still trying to love her through this.

At first I was angry that she had made my son keep it all secret and so she moved him from his family, church and any support system that he might have had if he had not moved. We would have tried to stop the move and help them restore their marriage. If she had told him she was moving anyway then so be it but at least he would still be in an area where he had a support system readily available. This upsets me but it is what it is.

She is still my dauthger by marriage, and I still love her because we all fall short of the glory of God and are in need of restoration. But we strive to be changed and restored. I am not sure that is what she desires at this point but I am praying that the Lord will work on her heart.
Unfortunately sin devastates and causes us to be moved from the heart of God and His desires for our life. And unfortunateloy when this happens it has a ripple effect and we in turn hurt others. I pray for her soul because right now it is tormented and she "knows" whether she confesses that or not. As far as the OM is concerned, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes on judgment day.

We all need to learn in every area of our lives that the grass may look greener somewwhere else but it is still grass just maybe bermuda grass instead of winter rye.