Everyone must decide for themselves how to prioritize aspects of their life. CWMI must decide how much to emphasize her marriage. As must Mr. CWMI. We would hope that both of them prioritize their marriage. But we cannot be certain that Mr. CWMI will do so.

Clearly, if CWMI wants a marriage in which she is romantically in love with her husband, she will need to set and enforce boudaries regarding her husband's career. That will likely trigger conflict with him. If she wants romantic love, she will have to work through that conflict. Which may require her to leave and find a new partner who shares her willingness to adopt romantic love as a highest order goal.

As someone who does not have romantic love in his life, and who fears separation / divorce, I sympathize with CWMI. Her alternatives are not pleasant. I hope she has the courage to hold to her convictions. And I hope that eventually she finds happiness; not merely peace. Good luck.

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