Well, you all know how WS's get angry when BS's expose?

It's no different for LS (lying spouses). Turns out one of my 'pressurizers' I called has, erm, 'spread the word' and one of my H's old bosses showed up at his new place of business today to apparently sniff around. H is not pleased. Feels he is 'getting it from all sides!' Said I'm making his life very difficult and affecting his reputation! See, he lied to them, too, told them that he was quitting there because he'd found a new job that had no travel or spouse-excluding events. Made a pretty big deal about it, too.

I told him I was sorry that his life was more difficult. That I had hoped that the changes we made would make it easier and more fulfilling. Then I asked him if he would like chicken and broccoli alfredo for dinner.

IRC, Vibrissa, it would actually work out better for me financially if I kept the kids. My state has no legal separation, but you can file a separation agreement anyway, it's more like a legal contract than anything having to do with civil marriage. The lawyer draws it up and it is legally binding, enforceable only through breach of contract suit, though.

I think I would prefer to file D, and get temporary orders for custody and support and residency that are enforceable as violations of a court order. I like teeth and shiny brass things. smile As fun as it sounds to ride off into the sunset unencumbered and leaving him with this mess, ya'll are right.

He texted me an ILU after our conversation earlier. I just get so weary of the same-old same-old. I wish I had a solution that worked for both of us, but you know what they say, wish in one hand and poo in the other and see which one fills up the fastest? I've got fistfuls of BOTH, dagnabit.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)