I think you should do some plan "C"...but not the way he wants it. You are not being clear on your boundaries to him.
First of all I agree that he should have investigated more about this job. However, right now you are in the situation you are in.

He may be thinking that his boss' daughters homecoming game is a "work event" which he is inviting you to. He is trying to make the best of it by calling it a "date night". But you are turning him down. So you say you want to attend work events but then are saying no I don't.

He bought tickets for you to fly out with him on his trip. You said either no trips or you would be with him. He is making sure you are with him. But now it is not so important for you to be with him because it is a pain in the butt for you. So you want him to upset his professional life but you won't go on a trip with him?

I think you should consider putting your money where your mouth is and go with him in these situations to show how important this really is to you.