I'm not really sure that exposure is a good strategy against other offenses besides unfaithfulness. I often threatened to drag Prisca's failings before her parents or others whom I felt could pressure her to do things differently, and I have become convinced that doing so was one of the most hurtful things I could have done to her. It was an angry outburst on my part, punishing her for things she had done. It was a disrespectful judgment on my part, trying to educate her into the "right" way to do things (Marriage Builders). And it was a selfish demand: threatening punishment if I didn't get my way. It was all the abusive love busters rolled into one.

You read here long enough, you see what a powerful weapon exposure is, and if things aren't going well sometimes you wish you could use that weapon, too. But an affair is a more serious and more hurtful thing than anything I have ever experienced.

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