Yes. I am glad you are taking that step. There are a few other things you may want to do:

1. Quit giving her a weekly allowance
2. Make her accountable for the money she stole
3. Take away all credit cards (again)...
4. Fire the housekeeper
5. Write out how her overspending has hurt you
6. Write out the monetary figures showing just how she put you both in the poorhouse.
7. Show her how she put her own kids in the poorhouse.
8. Some other assertive things....________

Somehow you have not clearly conveyed, with dollar and cents examples, EXACTLY HOW SHE RUINED YOU AND THE KIDS FINANCIALLY. You need to show her this.

She still does not see it. That is why she is still demanding the life insurance money, because she does not see how SHE ruined you guys financially. you need to show her until she sees it.

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