Had a chat with FIL last night. Called him to discuss a DIY project we had worked on together 2 weeks ago and then moved on to the insurance. Needless to say, Mrs. Hold had not told him the full history of her overspending. She had lead him to believe it was a one time thing that ended when we moved here 10 years ago. He was surprised to hear it continues to this day. He sympathized with me for having to deal with it all these years and was unhappy that his daughter mislead him. After I told him the whole story, he changed his tune on the life insurance and now supports my idea of putting the last policy into trust. So it went as well as I could have hoped.

Discussed the call with Mrs. Hold. I had told her lunch time I planned to call him, and she did not object. However, she was very negative last night. She said "this will not be good". I told her I was relieved that her parents were now aware of the full picture, so I do not have to hide and pretend when we talk to them. She said "glad you are happy, this stinks for me". I explained that I wasn't happy, merely relieved. I asked her if she disagreed with my description of history. She said "no, you are not making it up, that is what happened."

I told her to tell her father she is taking classes and then will get a job so she is addressing this going forward. We shall see how it works itself out. I would not have discussed this with him except that he kept egging her on to fight with me and I was sure he did not have the full picture. I am pleased how well he received the message. I expected to get "shot" as the messenger. Instead, FIL thanked me. Wierd.

When you can see it coming, duck!