Wow!!! I commend you for having the guts to stay in this M. Truly amazing! I read up to page 70 of your thread over several days. I finally had to skip to the end to see if your M had somehow recovered and became a happy & healthy union for you 2.

Guess not.

I soooooooooo wish you could take the steps to become a happy person. No one deserves to be miserable for so long. Change is not death.

You asked:
"Am I not standing up for myself by placing the life insurance policy into trust?"

Yes, you are. I think you did not go far enough. I would leave your entire estate in trust. Did your W grow up poor? I do not understand the obcession to acquire things or to try and impress people when they come over for dinner. I thought the purpose of entertaining was to enjoy each other's company, not to try and 1 up each other on who has the most expensive plateware. Sheesh!

I think your W is the most ungrateful person on Earth. How dare she sit around, not work, and complain that she does not feel she is living well enough. Unbelieveable.

I agree w/ the following from Bubbles:
"1. Quit giving her a weekly allowance
2. Make her accountable for the money she stole
3. Take away all credit cards (again)...
4. Fire the housekeeper
5. Write out how her overspending has hurt you
6. Write out the monetary figures showing just how she put you both in the poorhouse.
7. Show her how she put her own kids in the poorhouse.
8. Some other assertive things....________"

Why does she even need a housekeeper???

Holding, life is too short to be so unhappy. You have a career I'd kill for. I hope 1 day to be an attorney also. I actually got accepted into Mercer a few years back. I did well on LSAT. I have done all the paperwork on many divorces, child support, and Contempt petitions. Once my DDs are out of the house I plan to pursue law school.

Has Mrs. Holding kept the weight off?

Your thread just saddens me. I wish there was a way I could come through the pc screen and shake you up so you would want more for yourself and your family.

Best wishes,

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! - my take on the old proverb.

Separated from H 10/15/10 due to an issue regarding parenting issues
Back w/ MM
DD - 16 mine from previous R
DFSD 9 - Raising DD of XMM/XH - She may not be mine biologically, but she is in every way that counts.
2 DS - grown and in the US Marines
H - has no kids.
TOW - femalesargeant