telly Your quote:

"Wow, this is rich.

I can only imagine the reaction if a man had reached over, jiggled his wife's private parts (ANY OF THEM) saying, "do you feel like anything?"

was very much on point. That was exactly what I thought when I read that.

Congrats to Mrs. Hold for getting the job at WW!:)

I also like your style of writing.

And this:
"Yes, it is amazing how well I can swim now that I have given up breathing air!!!"

was too funny:) Not to dismiss the issue behind your statement as being funny though.

I think your W has shown some effort lately though. At least she is willing, but not exactly enthusiastic. I am sending positive vibes to you both.

Best wishes!

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! - my take on the old proverb.

Separated from H 10/15/10 due to an issue regarding parenting issues
Back w/ MM
DD - 16 mine from previous R
DFSD 9 - Raising DD of XMM/XH - She may not be mine biologically, but she is in every way that counts.
2 DS - grown and in the US Marines
H - has no kids.
TOW - femalesargeant