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Has your husband asked if the travel is mandatory?

I highly doubt it. At his last two jobs it actually wasn't...I knew the first job didn't require it, and he lied about the second, and now this one. Plus, we have four young children...a monthly weekend away doesn't work for our family, and this would all be mid-week anyway. Travel does not work for anyone in our family except my H, and only if he does not care to take responsibility for the rest of us.

Day before yesterday I told him that I felt like we needed to take the ENQ and LBQ again. He asked me what he was doing or not doing that made me say that. I was like, "Really? This whole situation with the new job and the way you acted in N.O. and you don't know why?" I went on to tell him that dishonesty, coldness and anger were still problems, I did not feel cared for or considered, but mainly I wanted to know what I was doing wrong or not doing right so that I can determine whether this is a problem that can be solved by me, or if it's simply his personality.

So now he's writing love notes on the mirror and washing my car and being really sweet, but I'm feeling like it's not what I need. I need THIS problem to go away, the overnight travel.

At none of his jobs has it been frequent. But when you're a 0 on the scale, 1 is too many.

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