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I'm in school, not working a regular job, and my schedule is flexible and currently set to avoid any child care. Child care by others, not me. smile

My H, sometimes, appears to hate me and the kids for simply existing, because we make messes and require attention. I'm not forcing anyone to make any changes, only providing information to assist in decision making. I don't throw down ultimatums, I say, I don't like this and here is why and this is what the result will be if it continues.

Just curious, but what would you do if your H said that he didn't want you to go to school anymore (ever again)? He didn't like you being away from the house and the kids and he wanted you to be a SAHM, and if you continued going to school anyway, he would leave (Plan B, Plan D, whatever) since this was a deal breaker to him? No POJA. No trying to find a solution that might work for both of you. Just stop going to school or it's over. How would you feel?

Me: BS/FWW: 48
BS/WH: 50
DS: 30, 27, 25
DD: 28
OC: 10
BH and I are raising my OC together.