Just a correction, he said *I* was the rock holding the family together.

Re the new job: he was getting a lot of pressure from me and Steve Harley to find new employment. He looked at a few job postings online and refused to look for something else in his field. This new job was brought to him by an old co-worker, he didn't 'seek' it, it was plopped in his lap. I think he felt a lot of pressure to take it, since it is an advancement, but he was plenty mad about changing jobs. After I learned that he misled me about what it would entail (he came home from the interview stating that there was no travel and spouses are invited to all events), I asked him why did he put us through this? Why change jobs if it was essentially no different from the last one? Why be angry at me for weeks about 'having' to change jobs when he didn't even change to one that meets my needs?

I get full sick about being punished for his choices. He knowingly does things he knows I won't like, then gets mad at me for not liking it. IMHO, that's a bit crazy.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)