I've already read the book, and he is reading it now. He's about halfway through it.

I have asked him why he volunteers to travel. After denying that he actually does volunteer (if it's not required, how can it be anything but voluntary? I don't know why he doesn't seem to understand that), he has said things from "I deserve it!" to "I had no choice! What do you want me to do, work at McDonalds?" But according to him, even staff members at Mickey's must travel, which is so mind-blowingly ridiculous, they don't send 16-year-olds out of state to learn to use the fry vat!

It is very difficult to have a reasonable discussion with him when he throws out ridiculous stuff like that. Last night he said, "I'm going to do things that may look like I'm not taking you into consideration, but I don't take you for granted." What do you say to THAT? My translation is: I'm going to continue to hurt you in premeditated ways that I know are going to hurt you, but I appreciate you sticking around and taking care of me.


I do NOT get the mentality that you should just do whatever you want because you have some sort of entitlement complex. That's all fine and well for the single person with no children, but once you marry and have children it is cruel, heartless and clearly a path to self-destruction and the destruction of your family.

Travel is not an emotional need because him traveling does not create love for me. He does not love me more when he travels, he enjoys HIMSELF, perhaps, but it does not make him love me so therefore is not an EN.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)