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Travel is not an emotional need because him traveling does not create love for me. He does not love me more when he travels, he enjoys HIMSELF, perhaps, but it does not make him love me so therefore is not an EN.

While it may not be an EN in the typical sense of the word, it could still be a need for your H. The EN's, as I understand it, are needs that can be met by our spouses, but that doesn't mean those are the only needs that we have.

For me, writing is a need. It fulfills me, gives my life a sense of purpose, helps me understand the world around me. It may not be an EN that my H can fulfill, but it is still a need, and he can support that need by supporting my writing, giving me time to devote to my art, encouraging me, etc.

I do not believe that the top 10 EN's are the only things that we as human beings need in life, and I don't think the Harley's intended them to be.

Have you asked your H what needs are being fulfilled by traveling? What this ability to travel adds to his life? Maybe trying to understand why he wants to continue to travel will help you to discover a solution to this impasse you two seem to be stuck in.

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