He's been in the car business the whole time I've known him, LG.

I did go with a good attitude. My attitude failed a bit after a few things happened--he didn't do anything about getting us from the airport to the hotel, so I researched it and found that we had three options other than renting a car: 1. taxi ($34 for two, additional $14 each for other four, each way) 2. shuttle (flat $38 per person round-trip) 3. public bus ($4 each, round trip). He agreed to just take the bus (and I even got the bus driver to let us off at a non-stop on her loop around the Dome because it was closest to our hotel) and complained and glared at me about it every time it stopped, looking at his watch, saying, "This was a horrible idea. I should have just taken a cab!" Notice the "I" statement? I did.

The first night he and I went out for a little bit, across the street to the casino and then in the downstairs bar. The second night he came back from the seminar and went straight to bed. Never mind that we had plans to go out again. And we're in a hotel room, right? So he made us turn off the lights and the TV, none of the rest of us had a choice but to go to bed, too. At 7pm. I wasn't about to take the kids out at night, or go out by myself.

The next day we left, we missed the bus because he went across the street to the bathroom, so we had to wait for another one, about 20 minutes. That was my fault, too. He stood away from us with his arms crossed, pissed. Self-deception, yep!

I LOVE the idea of him talking to SH by himself. Many of our conversations were like that, we'd both chat for a while with him then Steve would talk to H alone. H didn't like that, felt he was 'targeted' as 'the problem'. Well...

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)